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How it works at Ralf’s......


You have registered for instruction in order to obtain your Category B driving licence.

I would firstly like to take this opportunity to thank you for the trust you have placed within me.

This leaflet contains information and tips which should help us to work together toward a comfortable and problem free course of instruction.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know, I am always prepared to answer any questions or just listen.


What exactly does the registration fee include?


The sum of the registration covers all services provided by the driving school which does not involve any part of the practical instruction, for example ‘in house’ lessons and dealing with the respective government departmental fees.




 The registration fee does not include

the cost for the theoretical or practical tests!


… and the departmental fee?


The departmental fee covers such formalities as the production of your driving licence and the relevant administrative paperwork required for this to be achieved.  This fee does not cover entry to either the theoretical or practical tests.




The German Licensing Authority can debit this amount from your bank account directly without any extra cost to yourself.


When can I start with my licence?


If you are 18 years or older you can start right away.

If you’re not quite 18 then don’t panic, you still don’t have long to wait.  Your application paperwork can be submitted, at the earliest, 6 months prior to your 18th birthday.  You may sit the theory test, earliest 3 months prior to and the practical test, no earlier than 1 month prior to your 18th birthday.  A successful passing of the theoretical test is a mandatory requirement in order to be able to take the practical test.


What about the theory?


Upon your first application it is required that you undertake a total of 14 different lessons covering the theory of driving.  You may take part in each lesson in whichever order you wish but what sense does it make to listen to the same subject three times.  Of course, if you feel you need a refresher in one of the areas, you may attend as often as you like.  It’s all included in the payment of your registration fee.


What are mandatory hours?


With the title “mandatory hours”, one could be confused into thinking it is a requirement to complete a certain number of hours behind the wheel and under instruction before you can be considered for your test.  What it actually means is that a certain ‘laid down’ number of hours are required under instruction in particular areas of road use.  So called ”special routes”.


That means, whether you want to or not, you must complete 225 minutes driving on B (country) roads and at least 180 minutes on the motorway.  Each time one of these activities is undertaken, each route driven must be a minimum of 90 minutes duration.

The night drive is not just a drive around in the dark as the name would suggest.  If it was we could let you drive in sunglasses in the underground car park.  What it actually means is that, a journey be undertaken during dusk/evening hours where the correct use of the vehicle headlights and a practical check of the vehicle lighting system is required.  This exercise requires 135 minutes of instruction.


Oh, the money ….


As you know, nothing in life is free.  Unfortunately that rule also applies to your driving licence.

You will receive your first bill shortly after your registration at my driving school.  In order to keep your payments up to date, the following bills will be forwarded every fortnight.

All outstanding bills must be paid in full within two weeks before the next test phases can be undertaken.

Unfortunately past experiences have forced me to take such measures.  Once bitten, twice shy!


So please: Fair play



What I want to say is .......

The journey toward passing your test will not always be easy and may not always be fun.

Especially when the result is not the one you expected.

But remember, patience is a virtue and practice makes perfect.

So, don’t give up and stay on the ball.


By the way …


Your instructor….

… was once a

Learner as well!


If any misunderstandings or differences of opinion should occur, please have confidence in yourself and tell me.

I will always try, as far as possible, to put any problems that should occur behind us.


I think I’ve said all I need to, but I’m sure there are still a few questions you may want to ask.


Don’t forget …


….asking never cost anything!

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